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Permit Number:  SGN2020-00096     Status:   Received     Map Info:   1515 S HARBOR BLVD
Address: 1515 S HARBOR
Received Date: 08/03/2020 
Parcel: 08219027 
Plan Check Date:  
Issue Date:  
Expiration Date:  
Finaled Date:  
Description: Disney - Confidential ; see correspondence  

Type  Requested  Scheduled  Time of Inspection  Completed  Disposition  Employee 
Apprv. by Struct/Architectural  8/3/2020      10/20/2020  DONE  EWC 
Route to Struct/Architectural  8/3/2020  8/10/2020    8/7/2020  CORR  EWC 
Approved by Planning Zoning  8/3/2020      8/4/2020  DONE  EYT 
Route to Planning Zoning  8/3/2020  8/10/2020    8/4/2020  APPR  EYT 
Route to Struct/Architectural  10/13/2020  10/20/2020    10/20/2020  APPR  EWC 


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